Christianity Camp

Christianity Camp/ course, "kristinoppikoulu" in Finnish, is either a camp or a course offered to the members of the church or those interested in the church. The aim of the christianity camp is to strengthen Orthodox Christian identity and to increase the sense of community.

The most common way to participate the christianity camp (also known as "kripari" in Finnish) is by attending a camp for a week, organised by a parish or ONL. The camp programme consists of services, lectures, group activities, swimming and sauna, evening entertainment and many other things. At the end of the camp is divine liturgy and after that many families organise a party with godparents and friends to celebrate the youngster.

Through baptism and chrismation every Orthodox Christian has become a fully authorized member of the church. Therefore the divine liturgy celebrated at the end of christianity camp is not an act of confirmation. Usually it is the young people of 14 to 15 years of age who go to Christianity camp. Some parishes organise christianity camps for adults as well. A person who considers joining the Orthodox church may also attend christianity camp.

Here is as an example our icon Christianity Camp Program 2016 at the New Valaam Monastery.

Ortodoksisten nuorten liitto ONL ry - Kirkkokatu 18A+B17, 80100 Joensuu, puh. 050 4658 173, sähköposti onl (at)

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