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Orthodox Youth Association of Finland ONL is Finnish organisation doing ecclesial (Orthodox Christian) youth work. The main forms of activity consist of organising camps, courses and events; publishing;  supporting the youth work of parishes; and international activities. The main financiers of this work are the Orthodox Church of Finland and Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

ONL organises christianity camps, children's camps, camp counsellor courses and other events. The association also publishes Eastern Orthodox Christian magazine "Tuohustuli" (i.e. Candle Light) that is aimed for children and youngsters. Also affordable booklets, books and cards are produced.

ONL was established in 1943 and currently the association employs three full time workers and about 50 short term workers for publishing and events.

Address: ONL ry, Kirkkokatu 18A+B17, 80100 Joensuu, Finland, Europe
Telephone: + 358 504658173
E-mail: onl (at)
Chairman: Mrs. Anna Blinnikka, anna.blinnikka (at)
Executive Director: Maria Kauppila, maria.kauppila (at), telephone: +358 504658172

Ortodoksisten nuorten liitto ONL ry - Kirkkokatu 18A+B17, 80100 Joensuu, puh. 050 4658 173, sähköposti onl (at)

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